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Why a Healing Wellness Retreat Is Just What the MD Ordered When Going Through a Divorce

You’ve just finalized the divorce that’s been in the works for the last few months. It was bitter, ugly, and at long last the ink is drying on the page along with the last few tears you had left.

But it’s over. And you’re exhausted.

Divorce is the second most stressful thing a person will ever go through short of the death of a loved one, and the physical and psychological toll it takes can be measured in pounds, gray hairs, lines on your face, and sleepless nights. 

Now that the dust has settled, it’s time to detox your mind and body so you can start living your best life, and a healing wellness retreat is just what the MD—and your DM (psst: Divorce Mediator!)—ordered! 

For Whom the Divorce Tolls

A healing wellness retreat is a place to go to focus on physical, emotional, and spiritual healing and restoration. Now if you just got divorced, listen up: You. Need. This. And you can’t possibly understand how much. Taking care of yourself should be priority #1, because there are traumas and triggers inside of you that you probably don’t even realize are there. 

Let’s talk. 

Your Body

The long-term effects of a divorce on the human body are shocking. Divorcees are 20% more likely to suffer from diabetes, metabolism issues, heart disease, and even cancer. Think about it: you’ve been eating badly or not eating at all, haven’t you? Well, there’s a reason. 

When you’re highly stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which can cause inflammation of the GI tract and problems with the bacterial balance in your lower intestines. It makes people not want to eat, and the phenomenon is so common it’s become known as the “divorce diet.” 

Cortisol also has several other nasty side effects, like causing immune system imbalances, altering reproductive chemistry, and affecting growth processes. Oh, and those extra gray hairs you’ve started noticing? Stress and cortisol may be the culprit. 

Your Mind

You’d probably admit your mind is addled, and that doesn’t just go away overnight. Divorcees suffer from increased risks of anxiety and depression, and it may have been going on longer than you realize.

Situational depression is the extended malaise caused by an unpleasant, ongoing set of circumstances in your life. It can be the creeping doldrums of knowing it’s time to get out of your marriage, or the slow recovery after it’s over. The fact is, most people have no idea what kinds of feelings are “normal” during a divorce, and that alone can exacerbate situational depression and anxiety. 

Fortunately, a certified divorce mediator can be your greatest ally, because they’ve seen it all and they know exactly what you’re going through. They can help you process, understand, and move forward with empathy and empowerment to heal and grow. 

So Let’s Do This!

Agreed! A healing wellness retreat after your divorce is just the medicine you need to clean out your mind and body and get yourself back on track. There are many fantastic options out there, and they all offer a tailored suite of restorative services to cleanse your soul and elevate your well-being. 


Time is not simply of the essence—it’s what you need to revitalize your own essence too. A healing wellness retreat will create space between you and your life, problems, and stress. That extra breathing room is exactly what you need to stop the constant triggering and allow the healing process to begin. 

Lean Into Community

When you’re newly divorced, one of the most important resources you can have is a non-judgemental, open circle of friends with whom you can talk through your feelings and clear out the negative energy.

Unfortunately, it’s all too common for people experiencing divorce to have their usual support circles withdraw. With so much disconnection and dissonance in your life, a retreat creates an environment that is all about forging new bonds of trust and love. You’ll meet people who can empathize and sympathize with your current condition, and in return, you’ll be in a position to listen and inject some positive energy into the lives of others. 

Restore Your Confidence

Even the strongest, most self-reliant person can be utterly shattered by a divorce, and a healing wellness retreat will help you reignite the flame of your self-confidence and self-image. Divorce should be about—above all things—empowerment. You’re taking control of your life and your future, and restoring the self confidence you deserve is the first step down the path. 


Everything we just talked about is important, but sometimes, the thing you need most is to just relax, unwind, and dissolve into a little bit of bliss. You’ve spent the last few months (or years!) relentlessly focusing on your family, your work, your pets, your ex, and it’s time to take a moment for you.

Just you. You deserve it. 

Filling the Prescription for a Healing Wellness Retreat

We know how much divorce can grind you down, chew you up, and spit you out, and at Better Divorce Academy, we’re dedicated to helping you and your partner divorce with dignity and empathy. 

And when the ties are finally cut, we can help you find the perfect healing wellness retreat to spend some time reconnecting with yourself and the world and rekindle that inner light.

Breathe. Hold. Exhale. 

Center yourself, and begin to feel again. You are not alone.

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